Index of a Civilization’s Strength = Civilization Efficiency Index = TRL Index

Self-regulating social mechanism in the area of  human rights and environment

Global support system for citizen and professional science

International Emission Centre for Digital Currency

Current Civilization Efficiency Index: 12.75
(max: 100; normal: 66-75 (the metric we’re aiming for)

Global social experiment-research

In today’s world, where pressing global challenges demand our attention, it is crucial for researchers, scholars, and activists to convert their efforts into tangible change. At TRL Global Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration and the potential for numerous scientifically verified researchto influence the international law system through our innovative approach.

Join us in the mission to convert your knowledge and activism into a tangible measurement of global progress.

The Civilization Efficiency Index is the key to understanding the effectiveness of our collective efforts towards a better world.

By participating in the self-regulating support system for citizen and professional science, and activism, you can contribute to the formation of a better future for all. Join us in this important cause and let your voice be heard in shaping the new World.

Our goal is to empower individuals worldwide to turn their knowledge and aspirations into tangible results. This is achieved through a self-regulatory mechanism that influences the international system of law.
Through this mechanism, we promote the growth and development of civil and professional science, activism, and other socially important areas, ultimately contributing to the greater good of humanity.


The theory of the Index of a Civilization’s Strength is based on the idea that a state’s worth should be measured not only by its economic success but also by its contribution to civilization as a whole. The index is calculated based on various factors, such as a state’s commitment to protecting human rights, its contribution to scientific and cultural progress, and its overall attitude towards promoting the well-being of its citizens and the world community.

Our vision is to create an Index that serves as a reliable and objective framework for evaluating the effectiveness and legitimacy of global governance institutions, promoting accountability and reform where necessary, and driving positive change at a global level. By bringing together experts from diverse fields, we aim to integrate knowledge from different areas to provide a holistic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of societies and institutions, and to offer innovative solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time.

Organisations Sources: Cornell University, INSEAD, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Economic Forum, Institute for Economics and Peace, Yale University, Columbia University, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN), Transparency International, Social Progress Imperative, Cato Institute, Fraser Institute, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, World Justice Project, The Fund for Peace.

Efficiency Civilization Index: (Global Innovation Index + Global Competitiveness Index – (Global Peace Index) + (Environmental Performance Index + Sustainable Development Goals Index – Corruption Perceptions Index) + (Social Progress Index + Human Freedom Index + Rule of Law Index – Fragile States Index)

Turning the TRL Index into action: TRL Alliance/Science. The aim of the TRL Global Foundation is to convert the Index into tangible action and measurable progress. To do this, mechanisms have been developed to involve of researchers and scientists, civil activists, and indirectly the rest of the world’s population in the process.


The TRL Global Foundation aims to convert the Index of a Civilization’s Strength into tangible action and measurable progress through the TRL Alliance/Science system that involves of researchers, scientists, and civil activists. The foundation promotes maximum interdisciplinarity and encourages people to register on the TRL Certificate system to declare their preferences, work in the area, and influence the Civilization Efficiency Index.

Registration system has never been so tactile!

Large and user-friendly database and registration system for:
– independent scientists 
– researchers
– journalists  
– civil activists  
– volunteers & members from NGO’s  
– teams & experts from profit & non-profit organisations

*PC only

1) Enter your first name/surname. Yes, right in the certificate.* 2) Hover your mouse over the area of activity & click 3) The sector and areas of activity will be displayed in the certificate. Information will be entered into the system.

Identifying Areas of Influence:
Researchers, scientists, and activists should identify specific areas where their expertise and passion can make a significant difference. Whether it’s advocating for human rights, environmental protection, or social justice, pinpointing areas of influence helps focus efforts and maximize impact.



This is an open source project and does not involve any paid membership.

OpenSource Application Programming Interface

The address of the automated certificate registration system

Our API will become available as a registration form for all organisations.


Through this global mechanism, your specialist skills will have a direct impact both on the global agenda and local changes in your country


How it works?

We are constantly improving and updating mechanisms and algorithms. Find the Index for your country and find out what we do so that you can influence this Index and do everything to improve your country’s performance.

Become a member of TRL Alliance/Science and stay up to date. Membership in the global support system for citizen and professional science will always be free and does not impose any actual obligations. It is a mechanism for implementing the idea of the Civilization Performance Index for the exclusive public good. It belongs to humanity and it is for humanity.


TRL guarantees financial support for the social mechanism using issuances in the form of a global unconditional basic income which is  based on a “Civilization Efficiency Index” that has been calculated for each country and not in the form of bank credit or investments in the stock market like the central banks are currently doing.

The TRL digital  currency (incl. Launch_TRL (CSDG) token) provides funding for:
•     global networks of independent researchers
•     independent research in 23 areas of study across five disciplines
•     eradicating the problems uncovered by this researchers
•     implementation of programs with the aim of further improving performance in these areas

The self-regulatory mechanism digital currency can be used to fund infrastructure projects that are important for the public good but may not be profitable enough for private investors.
By creating a system where citizens can invest in these projects using this algorithm, it would allow for the funding of much-needed infrastructure improvements without relying on the traditional model of private investment.

Additionally, by linking the value of the digital currency to the SDR*, it could provide a stable and reliable source of funding for these projects that is not subject to the same market fluctuations as traditional investments. This would allow for long-term planning and investment in infrastructure, which is essential for economic growth and development.

Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are a type of reserve asset created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to supplement the official reserves of member countries

By demonstrating the effectiveness of this model in funding infrastructure, it could potentially serve as a catalyst for a shift towards a new economic model that prioritizes public good over short-term profits.


Task of TRL Alliance/Science: use data confirmed by research, implementing these results more quickly and applying them to practical areas.

The TRL Alliance is an international research community that aims to restore and spread the traditions of independent research and create a global support system for citizen and professional science. TRL Science is part of the TRL Alliance and is a method of self-funding research using means provided by the IECDC.
It provides a fully-fledged data exchange system, which facilitates research reproduction and aims to increase the popularity of the sciences.
The TRL Alliance aims to create a completely new way of funding research that is free of politics, cruel competitiveness, and pressure from influential people for results.

System aims to support independent research that concerns the interests of civilization as a whole.

DIGITAL ASSETS (blockchain): Launch_TRL [CSDG digital assets]

The fundamental aim

#Airdrop? No

The fundamental aim of these digital assets is for new groups of people to be introduced to and familiarize themselves with blockchain technologies.
The second aim is more long-term: By the time the full TRL digital currency is launched, as many people as possible should have an idea about how to use this new technology. And, of course, it is much safer to learn something new without worrying about losing something valuable. Our task is to provide you with the opportunity to do this. 

To receive the digital assets at this point, you will be required to sign up to the TRL Alliance/Science system and generate an international research certificate. 

This also does not mean that in the future these “empty” crypto-assets will not be able to be attributed a value or will not be able to be converted. The beginning phase of the distribution process is simply about you familiarizing yourself with new technologies. There are no obligations and you will not be required to do anything in return. This token is not listed on the digital currency exchange (the work dedicated to making this happen has not yet started), nor is it being advertised in addition to this.

Important! You are not required to pay any commission on transfers of digital assets to your cryptowallet. If you are asked to pay a commission on a transfer or if any other payment is demanded, it is a scam.

In the future, the Launch_TRL token will help to finance the launch of the main network and the general TRL Global Foundation structure.



The purpose of self-regulatory mechanism is to create a decentralized, self-regulating system that can promote social welfare, human rights, and environmental sustainability on a global scale. It consists of various components, such as the Civilization Strength Index, the Global Support System for Citizen and Professional Science, a system of international law, and a decentralized financial system for financing social programs.

The Civilization Strength Index measures a country’s efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its goals for the betterment of society, as well as its progress in human rights and environmental sustainability.

The self-regulatory mechanism also includes a system of international law that enables the adoption of scientifically validated and approved research into international conventions, thereby increasing the index of the state that adopts it and the basic income of its citizens. The decentralized financial system ensures financial support for the social mechanism using issuances in the form of a global unconditional basic income, which is based on the index of a civilization’s development that has been calculated for each country.

International community TRL Pro-Bono translators

An information source not only available in English. It helps to spread TRL/UN and the idea behind it around the globe 

The global aim of the TRL Translators Community: to emulate the success of the most translated document in history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of the quantity of languages it has been translated into.

In the future, these translation will form the basis for the creation of the most multilingual website in the World

The strategy at the first stage of TRL is built exclusively on the voluntary and unpaid participation of all sides on the strength of conviction in the necessity of such a project. 
One of the main messages of support for such projects is the sense of humanity, which lives in every one of us.


We have compiled a list of areas that are positively affected by a TRL, and we do not know any person who would not identify with own interests on this list. This is a story about people from all professions, countries and continents, of all religions and skin colours… the list is endless and has everything in it. And you are also part of this story; as well as your children, friends, relatives and anyone else close to you. Our team – Humanity.

Many of our advisers and volunteers see their own understanding of the world reflected in one or more of the areas on which TRL will have a positive global impact, and this is the source of their motivation to collaborate with us.


​The main goal of the TRL Global Foundation is creation of self-regulating social mechanism in the area of rights and liberties of persons, as well as environment, by using economic tools and algorithms specific to the economy 4.0.
The Foundation also created the Global Support System for Citizen & Professional Science, which includes a unified registration and authorization system for scientific websites and non-commercial organizations. The strategic goal of this system is to create a Global Science ID, providing access from one account to thousand scientific and activists communities, and to the global support system for citizen and professional science, TRL Alliance/Science.


North America

South America




The TRL is more than just a project. It is a global social algorithm that aims to improve the performance of nations and civilization as a whole.
Once the system is up and running, registered users will be informed about further actions that can be taken to improve their country’s ranking. In the near future, we will launch a program to collect signatures from politicians around the world who will declare the need to implement self-regulating mechanisms.
Join us today and be a part of a global movement towards a more efficient and effective civilization!