The global “civilization efficiency index” and the local “civilization development index”

Self-regulating social mechanism in the area of  human rights and environment

Global support system for citizen and professional science

International Emission Centre for Digital Currency


​The main goal of the TRL Global Foundation is creation of self-regulating social mechanism in the area of rights and liberties of persons, as well as environment, by using economic tools and algorithms specific to the economy 4.0
Join the research and Global support system for citizen and professional science. It’s available to everyone…


All our work has one aim: to increase each UN member country’s TRL Index. Our main aim is not only to calculate the index, but also through multi-stage, varied and decentralized social and financial mechanisms to allow billions of people to influence the Index.

Why is it important? The higher the TRL Index, the higher the level of observance of rights and freedoms – but that is not all. We aim to explore, develop and eventually activate a set of socially and economically balanced self-regulating mechanisms. As a result, any increase in the TRL Index will indicate that a state has a comprehensive approach to solving interdisciplinary and international problems.
But more importantly, it’s not just about states, it’s about society. A self-regulating social mechanism is a people’s against a potentially dangerous imbalance in institutions and the political structure that can threaten not only an individual state but the whole world.

Turning the TRL Index into action: TRL Alliance/Science. The aim of the TRL Global Foundation is to convert the Index into tangible action and measurable progress. To do this, mechanisms have been developed to involve millions of researchers and scientists, hundreds of millions of civil activists, and indirectly the rest of the world’s population in the process.


IECDC does not claim to be competing with the Central Bank Digital Currency at the level of the currency zone and the corresponding financial and banking systems. IECDC should complement them as a universal means of distributing communal funds internationally. 

The unit of currency of the TRL digital currency is the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), which is an internationally recognized payment unit standard. SDR represents a package of the currencies used by the strongest economies in the world. This allows to:
•    Carry out relatively stable operations from an accounting point of view thanks to the purchasing power of internationally recognised units
•    Avoid debates around the issue of choosing the correct reserve currency or the proportion of the currency in the currency package

How it works?

     TRL guarantees financial support for the social mechanism using issuances in the form of a global unconditional basic income which is  based on a “civil development index” that has been calculated for each country and not in the form of bank credit or investments in the stock market like the central banks are currently doing.  

The TRL digital  currency (incl. Launch_TRL (CSDG) token) provides funding for:
•     global networks of independent researchers
•     independent research in 23 areas of study across five disciplines
•     eradicating the problems uncovered by this researchers
•     implementation of programs with the aim of further improving performance in these areas


DeSci – Decentralized Science. Task of TRL Alliance/Science: use data confirmed by research, implementing these results more quickly and applying them to practical areas. The first phase has a special emphasis on the area of solving social problems and the crisis of democratic institutions.

How it works?

Unified opensource registration and authorization system for scientific websites and non-commercial organisations, academically blogs, forums, and educational institutions.
Strategic goal: Global Science ID using the blockchain – access from one account to thousand scientific & activists communities and to global support system for citizen and professional science TRL Alliance /Science (DeSci: Decentralized Science)

Websites receive public API and user-friendly opensource system
of registration as in framework of support to science TRL Global Foundation spreads license to accommodate International Researcher Certificate as a registration form/to sign in absolutely free (even for organizations with paid membership). Respectively all members, registering in thousands of small scientific projects will be added to the database TRL Alliance/Science and have access to websites integrating API TRL Alliance/Science certificate Global ID

Registration system has never been so tactile!

Large and user-friendly database and registration system for:
– independent scientists 
– researchers
– journalists  
– civil activists  
– volunteers & members from NGO’s  
– teams & experts from profit & non-profit organisations



This is an open source project and does not involve any paid membership.

OpenSource Application Programming Interface

The address of the automated certificate registration system

The TRL Open Licenses & Certificates system available accessible to specialists from all professions, regardless of the country they live in, their citizenship or English proficiency. You will be able to request up to three certificates with different Areas of Activity and sectors.

Our API will become available as a registration form for all organisations.

Within the framework of the TRL MOU, preliminary agreements are made between the TRL Global Foundation and partners, who share the values of humanism, rights and freedoms, as well as the implementation and development of Economics 4.0


128 countries*. International Researcher certificates

As a part of creation TRL system for the independent scientists, teams & experts from profit & non-profit organisations, researchers and civil activists from 128 of countries* around the world is available of International Researcher certificates. They can create an Certificate by specifying one of five Areas of Activity and one of 23 sectors.
All this became possible due to the fact that the system of licences deigned for TRL Alliance / Science promotes, amongst other things, citizen science and funding of citizen advocacy right across the spectrum.

*African Union – 55; European Union – 28; Organisation of American states – 35; Association of South East Asian Nations – 10

Global ID Scientific System. ERC-1329*: Inalienable Reputation Token

You can get connected with a pool of scientists (both local and international) to work on a single topic/project, the duration of which can last for ten or more years and which will also be supported by the TRL Global Foundation by including it in the inflation mechanism algorithm, etc.

Through this global mechanism, your specialist skills will have a direct impact both on the global agenda and local changes in your country



We are also prioritising the creation of a “type: team_HEI” certificate for members of educational institutions.

Didn’t find your institute in the list? Write to us with the name of your organisation so that we can create a special series certificate for your organisation’s team members. You will then receive a special link, through which you & your colleagues will also be able to sign up. Find the certificate for Top 100 HEI:

If you are/becomes a member or a volunteer of a Non-governmental organisation for which a TRL certificate has already been released, you can activate your “member / volunteer certificate” with this organisation.
We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of international organisations and companies our volunteers & members work for. You will then receive a special link, through which you & your colleagues will also be able to sign up.

DIGITAL ASSETS (blockchain): Launch_TRL [CSDG digital currency]

The fundamental aim

#Airdrop? No

The fundamental aim of these digital assets is for new groups of people to be introduced to and familiarize themselves with blockchain technologies.
The second aim is more long-term: By the time the full TRL digital currency is launched, as many people as possible should have an idea about how to use this new technology. And, of course, it is much safer to learn something new without worrying about losing something valuable. Our task is to provide you with the opportunity to do this. 

To receive the digital assets at this point, you will be required to sign up to the TRL Alliance/Science system and generate an international research certificate. 

This also does not mean that in the future these “empty” crypto-assets will not be able to be attributed a value or will not be able to be converted. The beginning phase of the distribution process is simply about you familiarizing yourself with new technologies. There are no obligations and you will not be required to do anything in return. This token is not listed on the digital currency exchange (the work dedicated to making this happen has not yet started), nor is it being advertised in addition to this.

Important! You are not required to pay any commission on transfers of digital assets to your cryptowallet. If you are asked to pay a commission on a transfer or if any other payment is demanded, it is a scam.

In the future, the Launch_TRL token will help to finance the launch of the main network and the general TRL Global Foundation structure.




TRL is a decentralized social mechanism of motivational influence with direct action against challenges in the areas of rights and liberties around the world. It is a widely available mechanism that does not have a private management centre or a decision-making centre. This project does not have an owner or a small group of people who make all the decisions on behalf of everyone.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written 70 years ago. TRL is about developing the most important document in the history of mankind using technologies that did not exist at the time of its writing.

How it works?

Self-regulating mechanism in the area of human rights, liberties and environmental TRL/UN uses a unique index and an algorithm with the aim of reflecting the level of actual realisation of accepted international commitments and obligations in the field of human rights and environmental protection as well as for adherence to new international treaties to provide a higher level of protection for individuals at a domestic level.
One of the most important goals of ‘TRL Implementation’ is to reflect the level of progress made with regards to recommendations and decisions made by international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, including committees of the UN Treaty bodies, as well as reports and recommendations made by UN Special Rapporteurs.

TRL system that uses UN as a reference point

TRL system that uses regional conventions as a reference point, such as*

represented by


represented by


represented by

*Council of Europe represented by European Court of Human Rights; Organization of American states represented by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; African Union represented by African Court of Human Rights

TRL Implementation is not attempting to impose international order or human rights standards. Based on the minimal permissible level of implementation of human rights, it allows each country individually to adapt the standards to its national context influenced by socio-cultural, economic and other characteristics. This significantly increases investments in the state economy through the TRL system, as well as shows the world’s community an increase of integrity level of the activities of public authorities. De facto states work to improve the well-being of individuals under their jurisdiction. 

Civic Engagement

TRL Implementation has an important overlap with TRL Civic Engagement, as the actions aimed at conscientious execution of international agreements in the field of Human Rights should be carried out by the state through dialogue with civil society and in consideration of citizen engagement within the process of monitoring and enforcement of decisions made by judicial and quasi-judicial bodies

Soft Law & Opinio Juris

Anti-repressive mechanism

Social mechanism welcome the achievement of social impact not only through new treaties, but also through the adoption of ‘soft law’ instruments. Since revealing the content of certain provisions of international treaty articles, those instruments provide concrete arguments for: progression of Human Rights & environment during the course of various actions performed by individuals and the state*, as well as for protection of Individual Rights at all stages of the investigation, whilst considering cases and conditions of execution of punishments. Moreover, a number of instruments of ‘soft law’ include standards of those rights and freedoms, without which the formation and development of democratic legal systems would be impossible. The national application of soft law instruments is an effective transitional step towards making these instruments legally binding (opinio juris)

TRL tried to provide the widest possible coverage of problems and even by remembering the history of our own families we can each imagine which negative events would not have happened if TRL was already in place. Holocaust, repressions, wars and their consequences, forced migration, failure to break the vicious circle of low-paid work-poor education-poverty, racial and religious conflicts, gender inequality, and many other forms of discrimination. All this ultimately leads us to believe that the root of a worthy existence is the existence of a global social mechanism capable of opposing this. 

In the initial stages Index using the data from universally recognized organisations that are experts within their field. Each organisation presents comprehensive information for deciphering the indicator.

International community TRL Pro-Bono translators

An information source not only available in English. It helps to spread TRL/UN and the idea behind it around the globe 

The global aim of the TRL Translators Community: to emulate the success of the most translated document in history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of the quantity of languages it has been translated into.

In the future, these translation will form the basis for the creation of the most multilingual website in the World

The strategy at the first stage of TRL is built exclusively on the voluntary and unpaid participation of all sides on the strength of conviction in the necessity of such a project. 
One of the main messages of support for such projects is the sense of humanity, which lives in every one of us.


We have compiled a list of areas that are positively affected by a TRL, and we do not know any person who would not identify with own interests on this list. This is a story about people from all professions, countries and continents, of all religions and skin colours… the list is endless and has everything in it. And you are also part of this story; as well as your children, friends, relatives and anyone else close to you. Our team – Humanity.

Many of our advisers and volunteers see their own understanding of the world reflected in one or more of the areas on which TRL will have a positive global impact, and this is the source of their motivation to collaborate with us. There are many ways to help the TRL Community



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