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DeSci – Decentralized Science. Task of TRL Alliance/Science: use data confirmed by research, implementing these results more quickly and applying them to practical areas.

The TRL Alliance is an international research community that aims to restore and spread the traditions of independent research and create a global support system for citizen and professional science. TRL Science is part of the TRL Alliance and is a method of self-funding research using means provided by the IECDC.
It provides a fully-fledged data exchange system, which facilitates research reproduction and aims to increase the popularity of the sciences.
The TRL Alliance aims to create a completely new way of funding research that is free of politics, cruel competitiveness, and pressure from influential people for results. It aims to support independent research that concerns the interests of civilization as a whole.

Ad cogitandum et agendum homo natus est. Summary.

TRL Alliance is not just an international research community. It is an attempt to restore and spread the traditions of independent research as widely as possible, as well as to create a global support system for citizen and professional science.
Dear Scientists,

We find the existing grant frameworks and funding for scientific investigations to be inadequate, and this, combined with the understanding that breakthroughs don’t happen on demand or based on estimations, has prompted us to search for new ways to solve these problems. The TRL Global Foundation’s TRL Alliance is one such solution.
The aim is to break out of the vicious circle of false incentives and rewards that has been established in academia over the last few decades. No politics, no cruel competitiveness. No pressure and no lobbying of influential people for results.

TRL Science is part of the TRL Alliance. It is not a grant system; it is a method of self-funding research using means provided by the TRL Fund. It is a fully independent movement, and the intellectual rights to your findings will belong to you and the people with whom you have worked during the research.

An academic’s success should be built on the basic task at hand and the questions they are wanting to answer. There is a scientific consensus that we all have a stake in finding out the truth, but we are categorically against the harassment of those who doubt this consensus.
The main TRL project is a social mechanism in which every person on the planet is taking part. It’s logical that a significant portion of the financial means generated by this mechanism (and therefore, by humanity) should go toward independent research that doesn’t just concern the interests of specific groups, but of civilization as a whole. It is an attempt to create a completely new way of funding research. And you can become a part of this process today.

Amat victoria curam. What can TRL Alliance / Science offer?

Despite the unbelievably high number of universal goals that make up the general TRL social mechanism, it’s only natural to be interested in the practical side of taking part in the project. This is normal and we encourage it. Here is a short explanation, which you might find quite interesting.

Funding. What can TRL Science offer?

TRL Alliance funding is available

  • for new experiments;
  • for gaining new information using data from previously completed research;
  • for confirming/contesting the results of old research (this includes the use of interdisciplinary formats);

Minimal time is wasted on filling out funding applications and bureaucratic paperwork (more detail can be found in the “Criteria For Evaluating the Effectiveness of Research as Part of the TRL Alliance Between the Years 2021 and 2025” section of this document)

Ph.D, Researcher, Bachelor / Master of Arts, Citizen science

Equality Among Scientists

If you do not have a high position within the organization you are working for, this does not mean that you cannot receive a personal grant for your line of work. This grant can also be incorporated into the “single person organization” section: this is supplementary funding for a personal account within a university/laboratory research project that is already being funded (your organization should appear in the global program development system’s “Memorandum of Understanding”)

Once the system is released, the “Equality Among Scientists” program will run for the first ten years, as part of which a completely non-accountable sum will be allocated to those who fall into a social assistance category (responsible TRL Alliance directors: Demography, Gender Equality, and Economics 4.0)

If you oversee a laboratory or a faculty, you can apply for complex funding for several studies in your area of responsibility

You can get connected with a pool of scientists (both local and international) to work on a single topic/project, the duration of which can last for ten or more years and which will also be supported by the TRL Global Foundation by including it in the inflation mechanism algorithm, etc.

Funding can be used for a variety of costs i.e. a journalists’ research expenses, an activist’s conference entry fees, or funding excursions for professors and their students/pupils. We support activities both in border zones and at the international level (these programs do not invalidate the tax base for grant allocation rule (more detail can be found in the “State’s Interests” section)

We are particularly interested in carrying out high quality work with a clearly formulated methodology. Not encourage “biased contributions” which can lead to the loss of “independent scientist” status while working with TRL Alliance.
For the most part, the world is made up of everyday routines; therefore, your work does not necessarily have to be monumental or revolutionary.

Improving the Mechanisms of Scientific Exchange and Increasing the Popularity of the Sciences.

  • Creation a fully-fledged data exchange system which will provide detailed explanations of methodologies with the aim of facilitating research reproduction. There is unbelievable potential here for the development of science as something that evolves in real-time. Methods and results should be published in full, while rough information should be presented in a way that it is easily accessible and understandable for researchers wishing to analyze and reproduce an experiment.
    This is a possible condition of the funding, along with maximum transparency in the form of registering the plans and research methods in advance of the experiment, as well as an explanation of the process, and the final results in situations where this does not contradict the logic of the research.
  • Supplementary funding for university research projects by young academics (the non-commercial MOU TRL must be enacted) is available

Following some preliminary improvements, several conventions will be incorporated into the “TRL Implementation” mechanism (Soft Law section) (including based of UN_Agenda 21: sciences for sustainable development)*:

  • for the active development of the sciences;
  • for the improving scientific literacy;
  • for the increasingthe state’s involvement in science.

    * How your research will affect this area see the “Criteria for Evaluating Effectiveness”

TRL uses a unique index and an algorithm called ‘implementation’ with the aim of reflecting the level of actual realisation of accepted international commitments and obligations in the field of human rights, environmental protection and the development of science at the state and international level as well as for adherence to new international treaties to provide a higher level of protection for individuals at a domestic level.

  • The issue of access to research and the cost of publications. There will be a fully funded TRL Global Foundation electronic database (in cooperation with an existing project)
  • Funding open-access academic journals and peer reviews.
  • Organisations actively working together with independent scientists can receive additional funding, including for research equipment, etc.

Reviewers will receive financial support

We are expecting to develop a separate system, which will be organized by the directors or established as another structure.
The aim is to create a system through which independent reviewers, who have evaluated several pieces of work from an impartial position, will be reimbursed at the expense of the TRL fund for reviews.
When a review (with a positive conclusion) is completed, TRL Global Foundation will produce a subsidized article for an open-access resource. In this way, we are not only supporting the researchers, but also the open-access resources everyone needs, and the paid reviewers will continue to increase the quality of these resources. For our part, we are striving to establish a dialog (and, of course, provide financial support as part of the non-commercial TRL MOU) with new systems types of publications using methods that are already being utilized and from which TRL Alliance takes its cue.
This complex approach allows us to bring in a rule concerning the eradication of paid subscriptions for the end users of the peer-review journals and electronic databases supported by TRL Alliance. 

Bona fama divitiis est potior. Criteria for Evaluating Effectiveness.

In the first three years not one piece of work will be reviewed critically; you will not experience any pressure from us, and no bureaucratic paperwork will be demanded from you. We trust that everyone will be aiming high, and therefore, superfluous assessments during the first stage could be damaging. In the future there will be two frameworks for evaluating effectiveness:

Impact of independent scientists / researchers

For the areas which influence the TRL algorithm, the main criteria are the growth of the TRL Index and the realisation of the goals presented to the TRL Alliance directors.

For example, if your research into gender or global inequality exerts corrective action on the algorithm, it will certainly be noticeable in the:


Conversion and reflection in reports

Therefore, the majority of your research results can be used to formulate conventions within the “TRL Implementation” framework:

– international treaties at the universal level
– international treaties at the regional level
– national application of ‘Soft Law’ instruments

Through this global mechanism, your specialist skills will have a direct impact both on the global agenda and local changes in your country

It’s important to remember that the main “TRL Implementation” component is constantly being revised and improved, and the largest expert community in the world is being set up to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes it is carrying out and their subsequent wider effects

2) Research that does not directly influence the TRL Rate will be carried out by the TRL Science department.
Between 2021 and 2026 we will be striving to construct a system through which we can provide funding for the majority of research projects for more than 5-7 years.

Desipĕre in loco.

Real independence and impartiality is particularly important for long-term projects; we reject the type of culture which rewards quick and appealing results, and where the evaluation of the hypothesis is not as important as its confirmation.
You can ask questions confidently and get answers that will surprise everybody since TRL is not a sponsor waiting for a second-rate academic article. We all want to find out more about the world around us and you are the vehicles for this knowledge.
We adhere to a principle of maximum transparency. You can find instructions for and information about each of our departments in the public domain.

 This is an attempt not just to discover innovative methods of cooperation, but to also establish fundamental, genuinely decentralized mass research, as part of which researchers can, at the same time, pool together. And it’s only with our combined efforts that we can successfully breathe new life into the term “independent scientist”.

 Bonum initium est dimidium facti.


Unified opensource registration and authorization system for scientific websites and non-commercial organisations, academically blogs, forums, and educational institutions.
Strategic goal: Global Science ID using the blockchain – access from one account to thousand scientific & activists communities and to global support system for citizen and professional science TRL Alliance /Science.

Websites receive public API and user-friendly opensource system
of registration as in framework of support to science TRL Global Foundation spreads license to accommodate International Researcher Certificate as a registration form/to sign in absolutely free (even for organizations with paid membership). Respectively all members, registering in thousands of small scientific projects will be added to the database TRL Alliance/Science and have access to websites integrating API TRL Alliance/Science certificate Global ID

Registration system has never been so tactile!

Large and user-friendly database and registration system for:
– independent scientists 
– researchers
– journalists  
– civil activists  
– volunteers & members from NGO’s  
– teams & experts from profit & non-profit organisations



This is an open source project and does not involve any paid membership.

OpenSource Application Programming Interface

The address of the automated certificate registration system

The TRL Open Licenses & Certificates system available accessible to specialists from all professions, regardless of the country they live in, their citizenship or English proficiency. You will be able to request up to three certificates with different Areas of Activity and sectors.

Our API will become available as a registration form for all organisations.

Within the framework of the TRL MOU, preliminary agreements are made between the TRL Global Foundation and partners, who share the values of humanism, rights and freedoms, as well as the implementation and development of Economics 4.0


128 countries*. International Researcher certificates

As a part of creation TRL system for the independent scientists, teams & experts from profit & non-profit organisations, researchers and civil activists from 128 of countries* around the world is available of International Researcher certificates. They can create an Certificate by specifying one of five Areas of Activity and one of 23 sectors.
All this became possible due to the fact that the system of licences deigned for TRL Alliance / Science promotes, amongst other things, citizen science and funding of citizen advocacy right across the spectrum.

*African Union – 55; European Union – 28; Organisation of American states – 35; Association of South East Asian Nations – 10

Global ID Scientific System. ERC-1329*: Inalienable Reputation Token

You can get connected with a pool of scientists (both local and international) to work on a single topic/project, the duration of which can last for ten or more years and which will also be supported by the TRL Global Foundation by including it in the inflation mechanism algorithm, etc.

Through this global mechanism, your specialist skills will have a direct impact both on the global agenda and local changes in your country


We are also prioritising the creation of a “type: team_HEI” certificate for members of educational institutions.

Didn’t find your institute in the list? Write to us with the name of your organisation so that we can create a special series certificate for your organisation’s team members. You will then receive a special link, through which you & your colleagues will also be able to sign up. Find the certificate for Top 100 HEI:

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