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Dear Friends,
In March 2018, a group of enthusiasts were puzzled by the creation of a new social technology for the UN. The purpose and aims are simple and clear: in the twenty-first century humanity should create a more advanced mechanism for the realisation of a society with equal opportunities.

Authors have put forward a thesis regarding the main attributes of the forthcoming changes as a demonstration of the fundamental rationale behind the realisation of such an idea: global support system for citizen and professional science & self-regulating social mechanism in the area of human rights & environment. Through this global mechanism, the specialist skills of hundreds of thousands of independent scientists, researchers and activists will have a direct impact both on the global agenda and local changes in their country.
In the initial stages decided to use the data from universally recognized organisations that are experts within their field (including United Nations (departments and divisions)/ Council of Europe/ the inter-American system for the protection of human rights  & African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights)

At the moment, the project is built exclusively on the work of volunteers.

Many of our advisers and volunteers see their own understanding of the world reflected in one or more of the areas on which TRL will have a positive global impact, and this is the source of their motivation to collaborate with us.  This is a story about people from all professions, countries and continents, of all religions and skin colours. In an age of extraordinary innovation, we know that solutions to the world’s biggest challenges are best achieved when everyone contributes, and many minds working together will always result in a better outcome.

An information source not only available in English. It helps to spread TRL/UN and the idea behind it around the globe. The time has come to translate the basic premises of the project into as many world languages as possible.

The global aim: to emulate the success of the most translated document in history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of the quantity of languages it has been translated into. Because the number of TRL users is equal to the number of adult inhabitants of planet & they speak all the languages of the world.

We have compiled a list of areas that are positively affected by a social UBI, and we do not know any person who would not identify with something on this list. This is a story about people from all professions, countries and continents, of all religions and skin colours… the list is endless and has everything in it. And you are also part of this story; as well as your children, friends, relatives and anyone else close to you: Mitigation of global inequality; Managed forced migration; Right to religion, gender and racial equality; Funding for education & medicine; Fight against poverty; Terrorism arising from poverty and lack of education; A world for our children to live in; Protection of journalists & activists and much more…

One of the main messages of support for such projects is the sense of humanity, which lives in every one of us. We all know that both language and, in a wider sense, information, are tools that can be used to divide and deprive people or, inversely, to join them around a common cause or belief. Join us…

Our Team – Humanity

The TRL Global Foundation aims to convert the Index of a Civilization’s Strength into tangible action and measurable progress through the TRL Alliance/Science system that involves of researchers, scientists, and civil activists. The foundation promotes maximum interdisciplinarity and encourages people to register on the TRL Certificate system to declare their preferences, work in the area, and influence the Civilization Efficiency Index.

Additional information for TRL Pro Bono Translators community:
Translators who wish to participate in the project can do so just as before, without any expectation of providing anything in return. However, we can now introduce you to the world of digital assets and if you have a cryptowallet (or if you want to create one), you are eligible to receive the Launch_TRL (CSDG) tokens. For example, you will receive one token for each word you translate.


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