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TRL Global Charity-fund manages five percent of all TRL Global Foundation funds, whose objective it is to directly support (not through grants) the not-for-profit sector worldwide.
5% of all of TRL Global Foundation’s acquisitions will be sent in the form of direct aid to NGOs around the world. The program also touches on organisations that provide assistance to seriously ill people and people in difficult situations, as well as organisations involved in the monitoring and solving of environmental problems.
It should be noted that considerable funds will be allocated to the promotion of consumer culture, which will grow in many countries after the beginning of the active phase of using TRL funds. For example, a manifold increase of plastic products would be unacceptable – an equally principal position of one of the co-authors of TRL, as a supporter of Greenpeace.

Also every citizen receiving an allowance of TRL may voluntarily give away these accruals (or part thereof) to charity (to prevent the financing of illegal organisations, all operations  are performed through the TRL Global Foundation, but the patron has the right to specify the desired organization for funding; to be able to receive TRL as a donation – NGOs must first submit registration documents to the TRL charity-fund system and pass the verification and validation checks in compliance with legal regulations to obtain the status of partner-organisation of the TRL charity program)
One of the most important factors regarding the security of the TRL algorithms is the independence of media outlets. The TRL Global Foundation will give out significant funds in support of independent journalists.

Within the framework of the TRL MOU, preliminary agreements are made between the TRL Global Foundation and partners, who share the values of humanism, rights and freedoms, as well as the implementation and development of Economics 4.0
The directors of the various TRL Alliance departments assist in concluding memorandums with those organizations that work within their spheres of responsibility.

The TRL Global Foundation aims to convert the Index of a Civilization’s Strength into tangible action and measurable progress through the TRL Alliance/Science system that involves of researchers, scientists, and civil activists. The foundation promotes maximum interdisciplinarity and encourages people to register on the TRL Certificate system to declare their preferences, work in the area, and influence the Civilization Efficiency Index.