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Index of a Civilization’s Strength / Civilization Efficiency Index 2023

TRL Global Foundation Announces Establishment of the Index of a Civilization’s Strength

The TRL Global Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Index of a Civilization’s Strength (CEI), a self-regulatory mechanism aimed at promoting a more efficient and equitable global society. The CEI is a tool that enables citizens to actively participate in shaping the global agenda and influencing the international system of law.

The theory behind the Index of a Civilization’s Strength is based on the idea that a state’s worth should be measured not only by its economic success but also by its contribution to civilization as a whole. The index is calculated based on various factors, such as a state’s commitment to protecting human rights, its contribution to scientific and cultural progress, and its overall attitude towards promoting the well-being of its citizens and the world community. The CEI aims to promote the importance of a state’s overall contribution to civilization, not just its economic or human rights success.

By doing so, it provides a more comprehensive and holistic view of a state’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for a more accurate assessment of its overall performance.

It is possible for an individual state’s Index to be negative.

The CEI serves as a reliable and objective framework for evaluating the effectiveness and legitimacy of global governance institutions, promoting accountability and reform where necessary, and driving positive change at a global level.

Our vision is to create an Index that brings together experts from diverse fields to integrate knowledge from different areas to provide a holistic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of societies and institutions. By doing so, we hope to offer innovative solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time.

We invite individuals and organizations from around the world to join us in our mission to promote a more efficient and equitable global society. Together, we can create a better future for all.

Index of a Civilization’s Strength / Civilization Efficiency Index 2023

StateCivilization Efficiency IndexPotential Basic Income
1. Denmark67.71340,0
2. Finland63.41254,9
3. New Zealand59.91184,4
4. Switzerland591166,6
5. Austria57.71141,9
6. Iceland57.71141,1
7. Ireland57.51137,9
8. Germany57.11128,7
9. Norway56.81123,9
10. Singapore56.51118,3
11. Japan561107,4
12. Netherlands55.91106,4
13. Canada53.91065,7
14. Sweden52.81044,7
15. Australia49.5979,7
16. Slovenia49.4978,0
17. Portugal48.7962,6
18. Belgium48.6962,1
19. Czech Republic48950,5
20. United Kingdom46.5919,2
21. Estonia45.6902,6
22. France41.1813,3
23. Spain41.1812,9
24. South Korea40.1793,4
25. Slovakia38.7766,2
26. Italy38.7765,0
27. Croatia37.9749,2
28. Latvia36.9729,0
29. Poland36.7725,3
30. Lithuania36712,3
31. Hungary35.9709,5
32. United Arab Emirates33.2657,0
33. Bulgaria31.7627,9
34. Mauritius31.2616,4
35. Romania30.6605,6
36. Malaysia30.6604,6
37. Uruguay30594,3
38. Chile30593,3
39. Costa Rica28.7568,2
40. Cyprus28.3559,2
41. Qatar25.5504,7
42. Greece25.3499,8
43. United States of America23.8471,0
44. Botswana20.4402,9
45. Albania17.8352,8
46. Kuwait16.7331,4
47. Panama16.7331,1
48. Serbia16.5327,2
49. Argentina16315,6
50. China14.5286,0
51. Jordan14276,3
52. Jamaica13.5266,9
53. Mongolia13.3263,6
54. Namibia13.1259,1
55. Georgia12.7250,7
56. Viet Nam12.4244,7
57. Indonesia12.1240,2
58. Bosnia and Herzegovina11.9235,4
59. Oman11.6230,2
60. Ghana11.3224,3
61. Armenia11.2221,6
62. Trinidad and Tobago11218,3
63. Israel10.1200,7
64. Tunisia8.9176,8
65. Thailand8.6169,4
66. Dominican Republic8.4166,0
67. Ecuador8.2162,4
68. Kazakhstan8.1160,4
69. Peru7.4147,2
70. Paraguay6.1119,9
71. Morocco5.9116,9
72. Senegal5.2102,0
73. Bahrain4.690,5
74. Sri Lanka4.283,7
75. Rwanda4.283,5
76. South Africa2.550,1
77. Kyrgyzstan2.141,1
78. Gabon1.732,8
79. Nepal1.325,2
80. Tajikistan1.122,5
81. Saudi Arabia120,7
82. Bolivia0.917,7
83. Belarus0.815,4
84. Lao People’s Democratic Republic0.35,7
85. Malawi02,9
86. Zambia-0.72,9
87. Cambodia-12,9
88. Brazil-1.52,9
89. El Salvador-1.72,9
90. Algeria-2.72,9
91. Philippines-4.42,9
92. Benin-4.42,9
93. Guatemala-5.72,9
94. Madagascar-6.62,9
95. Mexico-6.82,9
96. Bangladesh-7.22,9
97. Angola-82,9
98. Honduras-8.52,9
99. Kenya-9.22,9
100. Azerbaijan-10.32,9
101. Colombia-10.42,9
102. Egypt-10.72,9
103. India-10.92,9
104. Nicaragua-11.32,9
105. Mauritania-14.62,9
106. Türkiye-14.82,9
107. Uganda-14,92,9
108. Zimbabwe-15,42,9
109. Ukraine-16.52,9
110. Mozambique-17.42,9
111. Iran-17.52,9
112. Lebanon-19.32,9
113. Guinea-202,9
114. Haiti-20.72,9
115. Burkina Faso-23.82,9
116. Russia-24.92,9
117. Niger-25.52,9
118. Pakistan-26.62,9
119. Burundi-26.92,9
120. Nigeria-27.22,9
121. Cameroon-27.72,9
122. Ethiopia-27.92,9
123. Myanmar-28.52,9
124. Venezuela-31.32,9
125. Mali-33.42,9
126. Democratic Republic of the Congo-44.92,9

Global Civilization Efficiency Index: 12.75

Methodology and Full Transcript – (BETA)

The CEI is more than just an index. It is a global social algorithm that aims to improve the performance of nations and civilization as a whole. Our task is to create a self-regulatory mechanism based on scientific data, through the mechanism of the global support system for citizen and professional science. By using the TRL Alliance/Science system, individuals can improve their country’s ranking, and the index serves as a tool to encourage competencies or activism towards positive change.

Once the system is up and running, registered users will be informed about further actions that can be taken to improve their country’s ranking. In the near future, we will launch a program to collect signatures from politicians around the world who will declare the need to implement self-regulating mechanisms and the index.

Join us today and be a part of a global movement towards a more efficient and effective civilization!

The TRL Global Foundation aims to convert the Index of a Civilization’s Strength into tangible action and measurable progress through the TRL Alliance/Science system that involves of researchers, scientists, and civil activists. The foundation promotes maximum interdisciplinarity and encourages people to register on the TRL Certificate system to declare their preferences, work in the area, and influence the Civilization Efficiency Index.