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The State’s Interests

in the Official Recognition of TRL

While creating TRL, we could not ignore the interests of the state, since we are not countering governmental institutions with the Token of Peace, but rather, we are striving to do everything so that every state becomes our ally. The main assumptions regarding the way in which TRL can be useful to states can be seen in the table to the next.

  • A citizen has the right to sell and accumulated portion of TRL to investors, which, from the state’s perspective, should be seen as international investments in the national economy (the mechanism will be developed by the Director of the TRL Alliance: Economy 4.0 department and will be presented at a later date)
  • The TRL payout algorithm is capable of offsetting a negative forecast due to the mass introduction of artificial intelligence and the disappearance of jobs. Citizens will not remain without a means of existence if the government does not manage to be rebuilt under a new economy
  • In domestic affairs, the TRL is an incredibly powerful tool of checks and balances, preventing foreign interference since it is based on internal processes only: country’s treatment of its citizens, fair courts, respect to individuals
  • TRL is capable of having a positive impact on the fight against poverty and mass migration, as it will be accrued according to the principle of the longest possession of citizenship
  • High-quality identification/verification mechanisms have been integrated into TRL and, as per the justified request of authorities, we are providing data regarding system-users’ activity*. TRL fulfils the requirements of the OECD in regard to the de-anonymisation of transactions, complies with AML/KYC policy, and promptly responds to changes in European Union directives
  • The TRL is a derived product with the technological basis for the allocation of public finances and an option for the future development of public social welfare
  • Registration of the organization in multiple jurisdictions and the conclusion of an MOU with the local authorities in the area in which it will be registered
  • TRL solves the majority of problems described in the recent document of the roman club ‘Come on!’, and it means states, recognising TRL as a means of payment, can solve global tasks through the most progressive method.

*Countries with a TRL-Rate of 70 or higher will receive the greatest loyalty in terms of their cooperation with TRL Global Foundation on these issues

Therefore, Roadmap means the entering and recognition of TRL by the UN, as a mechanism should emerge which equates any infringement on rights and liberties, and the crypto-activity representing them, to crimes against humanity.
Furthermore, the instinct of self-preservation regarding ethical concerns within society as a whole demands the voluntary participation of every TRL owner in the enabling of the search for and capture of people who are trying to commit burglary, theft and other actions which have a negative effect on the work of Token of Peace. Everyone should understand the simple truth: trying to damage the TRL mechanism harms 8 billion people and therefore, one will not be able to feel calm in any part of the world. However, the desire to find and report all discovered mistakes at any stage of the creation, delivery and distribution of TRL should be welcomed by the global society.

TRL can only generate a tax base if the State’s itself imputes it to its residents*

*In agreement with smart-contracts, the tax collected from TRL must not be included

  • in the defence budget
  • in the payment of the bureaucratic apparatus
  • in state subsidies

The tax collected from TRL should be allocated to*

  • the financing of the education sector (this includes the payment of teaching staff; the construction of new schools; the modernisation of the education system; the financing of the pre-school education system)
  • the financing of State’s medical programmes
  • this list will be added to/amended in due course

*The effectiveness of these programmes is agreed with the relative departments (TRL Education; TRL Healthcare; TRL Demography etc.)

Facts and Differences from Other independent Index

  • For the first time in history, the monetary unit will not be tied to economic wealth but will be supplied by indicators of the attitude towards persons and dignity. Only now, thanks to the start of mass implementation of automatised processes of artificial intelligence, we can take the non-manufactured indicators as a benchmark (presently, due to the mass ntroduction of AI automation, we can target nonproduction factors)
  • If the TRL had existed for centuries, then in the Middle Ages, places of the Inquisition wouldn’t have been found, and the huge tragedy that is the Holocaust or the repressions of the Soviet population would never have happened in the twentieth century
  • The Token of Peace does not threaten overpopulation of the Earth, since a portion of the incomes from all the tokens of the planet will be directed towards financing space programmes for our Civilization.

The TRL Global Foundation aims to convert the Index of a Civilization’s Strength into tangible action and measurable progress through the TRL Alliance/Science system that involves of researchers, scientists, and civil activists. The foundation promotes maximum interdisciplinarity and encourages people to register on the TRL Certificate system to declare their preferences, work in the area, and influence the Civilization Efficiency Index.

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