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Turning the TRL Index into action

TRL Global Foundation is a multifaceted project and it is often very difficult to understand all the diversity at once, so here we highlight the main points:

All our work has one aim: to increase each UN member country’s TRL Index. Our main aim is not only to calculate the index, but also through multi-stage, varied and decentralized social and financial mechanisms to allow billions of people to influence the Index

Why is it important? The higher the TRL Index, the higher the level of observance of rights and freedoms – but that is not all. We aim to explore, develop and eventually activate a set of socially and economically balanced self-regulating mechanisms. As a result, any increase in the TRL Index will indicate that a state has a comprehensive approach to solving interdisciplinary and international problems in the areas of:

– environment
– economy 4.0
– education & healthcare
– respect for rights and freedoms
– permitting creative international activity & civic engagement
real support of science and progress, in the interests of all. One of the tasks of TRL is the development of resilient, progressive societies, as well as the creation of mechanisms for these societies to transition into a group of active creators.

But more importantly, it’s not just about states, it’s about society. A self-regulating social mechanism is a people’s against a potentially dangerous imbalance in institutions and the political structure that can threaten not only an individual state but the whole world.

Components of the TRL Index.

Autonomy, decentralization and expertise.

The TRL Index is the product of numerous evaluations and reports, and compliance with international conventions. In the beta version, the TRL Index is informed by information coming from five organizations.

The inclusion of several indexes from environmental organizations is currently being considered. The index will be significantly modified and expanded (the TRL Alliance/Science community has begun work on a completely new algorithm)
The most important element of the Index is the TRL Implementation section already developed by TRL Alliance/Science []

The data and indexes of international organizations that have been refining their methods for many years, together with the TRL Implementation algorithm, allow us to create a universal interdisciplinary index. But this is only the beginning…

The TRL Index as an “Ìndex of a Civilization’s Strength” and an  “Index of a Civilization’s Development”

Turning the TRL Index into action: TRL Alliance/Science

The aim of the TRL Global Foundation is to convert the Index into tangible action and measurable progress. To do this, mechanisms have been developed to involve millions of researchers and scientists, hundreds of millions of civil activists, and indirectly the rest of the world’s population in the process.

Maximum interdisciplinarity. Thousands of scientists and researchers have unique competencies in extremely disparate areas. Our aim is to make this knowledge part of the TRL Index

The world’s most significant registration system has already been created at By registering on the system, you indicate your potential interest in the TRL Index. As a civil activist (representative of citizen science), you may simply declare your preferences, but you can also work in this area and, of course, influence the TRL Index. A separate subdivision will be created for each approach specified in the TRL Certificate.

We are working on integrating with numerous systems, such as SCOPUS and ORCID. Soon, thanks to the developed TRL API system, you will also be able to use the TRL Certificate to 1) register and log in to various sites 2) use the “direct comments” system, which will greatly simplify communication and interaction between various sites and people

A limited part of the functionality is already available [PDF presentation]

The entire project is an independent, international undertaking: representatives of more than 50 countries are registered on the trl-certificate system, and visitors from 115 countries have used the website.

The TRL Index is an independent self-regulatory framework for multifaceted institutions of global governance. Join Us!

The TRL Global Foundation aims to convert the Index of a Civilization’s Strength into tangible action and measurable progress through the TRL Alliance/Science system that involves of researchers, scientists, and civil activists. The foundation promotes maximum interdisciplinarity and encourages people to register on the TRL Certificate system to declare their preferences, work in the area, and influence the Civilization Efficiency Index.